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galaxy mosaic

Mosaic of AEGIS galaxy images from HST / ACS showing a range of normal galaxy types

galaxy mosaic

Mosiac of AEGIS galaxy images from HST / ACS showing unusual galaxies


A spiral galaxy with a central bar feature



The two main galaxy families: spirals and ellipticals



A group of galaxies perturbed by gravitational interactions



A galaxy which has cannibalized another galaxy



The last phase of a major merger between two galaxies



A high redshift quasar: the most distant object identified in AEGIS



Multiwavelenth images of the birth of a "mini-quasar" eight million years ago in X-ray galaxy CXO-J141741.9+522823


radio_galaxy image

Color composite of a galaxy with radio jets


cxo_color_image Cosmic illusions: strong gravitational lenses in the EGS

Map of the Extended Groth Strip showing the coverage at various wavelengths


egs zoom map

A schematic map of the Extended Groth Strip showing the scale of the HST / ACS tiles

acs tile

A single HST / ACS tile

cxo_color_image How Hubble/ACS color images are made from two black-and-white images
aegis_logo The AEGIS logo (square)
aegis_banner The AEGIS logo (banner style)
aegis_people at AAS06 AEGIS Members at the Special Display Session of the January 2006 meeting of the American Astronomical Society
DEEP meeting Dec05

AEGIS Members at the DEEP2 Team Meeting,December 2005