HST/ACS Imaging Data

The HST/ACS imaging data in AEGIS consist of 63 ACS tiles observed in the V (F606W) and I (F814W) bands. Both science images and weight maps are available for each band. The imaging data can be downloaded as individual tiles (the most manageable format, recommended for science purposes) or the entire EGS mosaic of 63 tiles can be downloaded as one file (extremely large, recommended only for printing high-resolution posters of the full field). In addition, complete photometry catalogs are available.

The HST/ACS data can be accessed from two different locations and different data formats are available at the two sites:

AEGIS site hosted at UCSC AEGIS database at Keck Observatory
download individual ACS tiles (FITS)   download individual ACS tiles (JPEG, FITS)
download complete photometry catalogs   interactively browse EGS tiles for individual objects
download complete EGS mosaic     - view DEEP2 spectroscopic targets
      - view catalog details for individual objects
      - search for nearby objects
    download DEEP2 spectra for individual objects
    download ACS thumbnail JPEGs for objects