HST/ACS Imaging Data hosted at UCSC
Deep Hubble Space Telescope images of the EGS were taken with the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) as part of GO Program 10134 (PI M. Davis; Davis et al. 2007, ApJ, 660:L1). The EGS was imaged in F606W (2260s) and F814W (2100s) over 63 tiles in a ~ 10.1 arcmin x 70.5 arcmin strip centered at J2000 RA= 14:19:18, Dec=+52:49:25.  
The reduced ACS images are given in two formats: the individual tiles at 0.03 arcsec per pixel, and the mosaic images at 0.1, 0.05, and 0.03 arcsec per pixel scales (Koekemoer et al., in prep). We are also releasing a photometry catalog based on the individual tiles (egsacs_phot_nodup.fits.gz), and an ASCII photometry catalog for each tile (Lotz et al. 2008, ApJ, 672, 177).  
Download individual ACS tiles
  - science images, weight maps, photometry catalogs, segmentation maps, color JPEGs
Download the complete HST/ACS photometry catalog for the EGS field
  - a description of the photometry catalog is given in this README file
Download the HST/ACS mosaic of the EGS for science
  - low, medium, high, and very high resolution V-band and I-band images
  - format: FITS, GIF
Color versions of the HST/ACS mosaic:
  low resolution (1440 x 8400 pixels, 2.4 MB)
  high resolution (16800 x 2880 pixels, 6.8 MB)