The next AEGIS Team Meeting will be June 19-21st, 2012 in Santa Cruz, CA. See the meeting website for more information.
AEGIS is in Google Sky! Click here to explore X-ray, ultraviolet, visible, and infrared images.
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      Palomar cfht_image           EGS Map
The AEGIS Survey...          
CFHT keck_image unlocking the secrets of galaxy and large-scale structure formation over the last 9 billion years.
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AEGIS is targeted on a special area of the sky, called the Extended Groth Strip (EGS), that has been observed with the world's most powerful telescopes on the ground and in space, from X-rays to radio waves.

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GALEX chandra_image
Each telescope contributes its own key information to create a complete portrait of every galaxy. By looking out far into space and back in time, AEGIS literally shows us galaxies in all their glory that are emerging from infancy into adulthood. More...   Chandra
This study makes use of data from AEGIS, a multiwavelength sky survey conducted with the Chandra,GALEX,Hubble,Keck, CFHT,MMT,Subaru,Palomar,Spitzer,VLA, and other telescopes and supported in part by the NSF,NASA, and the STFC.